Beating the January Blues

If the January blues and the mean reds of winter are hitting you hard, we have you covered. We've been tackling January with goal-setting, watching ancient motivational videos and listening to 80's adaptions of Justin Bieber songs, just because. The beginning of January sometimes has a slow and heavy start after the glitter of festivities wear away, but we've had a studio spring clean (leading to a January sale) and are feeling inspired after visiting some art galleries, listening to Jo Malone's desert island discs and attempting to master the same amount of curl as Lindsay Weir's hairstyle in Freaks and Geeks.

 Our New Years' resolutions are into full swing and so far Karen has been doing one thing every week that lies outside her comfort zone. Laura, our Commercial Director, is trying to break the habit of wearing trainers every day, spending less on meal deals and becoming even more organised than ever, which is going to make all of us look bad! Meanwhile, Alannah, our Digital Content Manager, is spending her days trying to be more Ziggy Stardust in every day life.

Karen Mabon Limited Edition 2017 Calendar Pocket Square

We have asked some of our friends about their resolutions including Dolly Alderton who wants to learn French and how to drive, but failing that she wants to get out of her overdraft. Forever Yours Betty who is beginning a new chapter of working at home with Olive the Frenchie and Rosie Sugden who is determined to stop biting her nails. Natalie of Living in Clips is putting multiple resolutions into practice:

"They all point towards staying more creatively loyal and focusing on life missions and so far so good ! I hope to continue the year with a positive outlook and feeling towards things no matter what life throws at me.  More personally I hope to enjoy more cooking and mastering more recipes and 2017 is the year of travel for Matt and I, no excuses about time and money this time round.... First stop: Venice!"

Honey Pop's resolution is also travel focussed, as she plans to visit as many of her friends who live around the world as possible. We love that Annie Rice is pushing herself to be more creative:

"This year I am planning to re find my interest in photography. I've basically rejected anything vaguely arty for a good few years and I miss using that part of me so I'm going to rent out a dark room and try to lose a few hours pouring chemicals over paper and watching the magic happen. I'm also going to try to not always wear yoga clothes and own at least one pair of shoes that isn't trainers..."

While the most simple resolution of all, and one that we might adopt for our own - Hilary Grant's 2017 goal is to become friends with more Shetland ponies.

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