Behind the Print: Tiger Bouquet

Introducing the Tiger Bouquet Print. A Karen Mabon classic, the print features tigers and zebras out in the wild surrounded by decadent fruit and intricate floral displays. 
While drawing this print, Karen was inspired by Elizabeth Backadder to look into the details of a flower's lifetime. Karen studied irises, tulips and the multitude of other flowers within the print at each stage of its life-- from just a green bud to an explosion of colour. Search this print and find brightly colored lillies, delicate pansies and textured parrot tulips at their stage of full bloom.
Within this bouquet of flowers includes a pair of tigers and zebras, exploring the floral paradise. She wanted to update one of her classics-- the jungle print-- and while doing so, Karen was inspired by Christopher Wood’s “Zebra in Parachute” to include a zebra as a star of the print. Karen wanted to include one of her beloved tigers, which have been featured a few times in past collections of prints and homeware. 
Amid this beautiful scene is an array of succulent tropical fruits, fit for the king of the jungle. On top of rich crimson and midnight backdrops, the decadent print is brought to life. 
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