Five books I want to read in 2017

1. Save Me The Waltz

Save me the last waltz / Great Gatsby Scarf by Karen Mabon

After reading The Beautiful and The Damned and The Great Gatsby, we felt inspired by the beauty and tragedy of the flapper girls. The effect of this inspiration can be seen in our Great Gatsby scarves and our Anthropologie exclusive robe and sleep set. This year, we are keen to continue our fascination with the 1920's and read Save Me The Waltz by Zelda Fitzgerald. This is the only novel written by Zelda and rumoured to be the inspiration for most of her husband's work, which makes us even more curious.

Great Gatsby silk georgette scarf

2. Invisible Monsters Remix

Invisible Monsters Remix by Chuck Palahniuk / Colour Me Beautiful Karen Mabon

'Invisible Monsters' was written as a satire of the beauty industry whilst watching MTV, but the novel couldn't be further from the easy-reading you'd expect. The author, known for 'Fight Club', creates a guts and gory non-linear tale of a model who lost everything when her face was disfigured in an accident. The remixed version of 'Invisible Monsters' was released as Palahniuk originally envisioned it, said to be even more wild than the original - with some chapters written in mirror-reverse text so that you are forced to face yourself in front of a mirror as you read. Don't read the blurb, don't look it up on Wikipedia, just dive straight in and embrace the horror and confusion. 

Colour Me Beautiful silk scarf

3. The Andy Warhol Diaries

The Andy Warhol Diaries / Karen Mabon New York, New York Scarf

Andy Warhol never ceases to inspire all of us in the Karen Mabon studio. After picking up a copy of his diary in the National Portrait Gallery, it didn't come as a surprise that Warhol documented almost every aspect of his day, even taking note of how much he had spent. Edited by his former assistant Pat Hackett, the book spans years of his life spent working in New York, which we can't wait to read and makes us want to start diaries of our own. 

New York, New York silk scarf

4. The Stepford Wives

Stepford Wives / Karen Mabon Bad Hair Day Scarf

After our trip to the US where we drove through suburbia, we found ourselves imagining life as the perfect housewife. As soon as we got back, we began rewatching The Stepford Wives and decided that the book had to make it's way on to our 2017 reading list. There's nothing we love more than an idyllic suburban wife with an underlying robotic secret.

Bad Hair Day silk scarf 

5. The Beach 

Karen Mabon Garden of Eden scarf / The Beach

Three words. Young. Leonardo. DiCaprio. But in all seriousness, 2017 will be all about catching up on the novels that inspired our favourite cult movies and The Beach is very high on that list. Sometimes you can just tell a book is going to take your mind down a rabbit hole. For those who have not yet seen the DiCaprio version, it is about a traveller who finds the gap year equivalent of the Garden of Eden - just as exotic but equally as frightening. We can almost feel the heat of The Beach emanating from our bookcase and we definitely plan to read it while the weather warms up.

Garden of Eden cashmere scarf

Let us know what you're going to read in 2017 by tweeting us @KarenMabon, we'd absolutely love some recommendations! 

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