October has been a brilliant month at Karen Mabon with inspiration flying at us from all angles. Our month began at Paris Fashion Week where we presented our SS17 collection at Premiere Classe. Then we were delighted to have our Sleep collection featured on and Vogue Brazil, before setting off for LA to present our collection at Capsule. Our trip to America was out of this world, so this month our five inspiring things are all about LA.


Arriving in Downtown LA, we were met by a mass of palm trees and brilliant sunshine. We previewed our latest collection at Capsule, which includes our cats getting all dressed up for a special occasion, ladies on a detox and lots of animals walking two by two. The surrounding markets were a hustle and bustle of rainbow umbrellas and stalls of sunglasses and trilbies competing with each other. When the sun melted away, we spent our nights at rooftop parties surrounding by glinting square windows. 






After an exciting meeting at Dreamworks HQ, where we surrounded by walls of Oscars and trolls, we found ourselves celebrity spotting at the red carpet, getting our fortunes told by Zoltar and wandering about in giant souvenir shops filled with everything Elvis.






For both shopping and window shopping, LA did not disappoint. Some of the stores we were most excited by included Poketo, a geometric stationary dream, Moon Juice, for a healthy coffee and the toothpaste coloured Ten Over Six. We also enjoyed Bookmarc on Melrose Avenue, where we planned our ideal coffee tables and Platform in Culver City.




Each hotel we stayed in had a personality of its own. From sorbet coloured cubed walls, Barbie dream homes and a David Hockney swimming pool, we found surprises around every corner. 





Our desert road trip to Palm Springs led us to some idyllic scenes that reminded us of Edward Scissorhands. Watching somebody getting their star on the Palm Springs Walk of Fame felt very Martin Parr. Then we went on a bike ride in the sunshine amongst the Stepford Wives of suburbia. 






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