Wear While Watching...

At this time of year, there's no better way to spend a sleepy Sunday or a rainy evening indoors than getting dressed in your favourite pyjamas and watching a film. We have compiled a list of the films we plan to watch dressed up in our printed silk sleepwear.

Hotel Chevalier

There's Sunshine Yellow, Mustard Yellow and Hotel Chevalier Yellow. Take inspiration from Natalie Portman and watch the Wes Anderson movie whilst dressed head to toe in the custard hue.

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Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind

Imagine you could erase every bad relationship from your memory. If you haven't seen this cult classic, you are missing out on an unconventionally beautiful romance. Best watched on a sleepy Sunday evening after a day spent outdoors in brisk cold air.  

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High Rise 

Watch this dystopian drama about a community living in a luxury high rise building while dressed head to toe in the fruit and veg aisle of the supermarket.

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 Get lost in this 1980's favourite, starring Tom Hanks and the beautiful Daryl Hannah as a mermaid, whilst dressed in the Hollywood pyjamas. The pyjama print features popcorn and champagne, so it would be best to include them in a relaxing movie night, as the charming love story unfolds.

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