Karen Mabon for Love Design

Karen Mabon Local Heroes Love Design Scarf

This Valentine's Day, Karen Mabon has designed a limited edition pocket square for the Love Design showcase at the G&V Hotel, Edinburgh. Curated by Dr. Stacey Hunter of Local Heroes, the showcase brings together five designers, each with their own interpretation of the perfect Valentine's Day gift. Karen looked to old Hollywood to inspire this unisex pocket square, which can be used for either a pocket square or neck tie.

A Field Trip to Paris

Paris architecture

It's impossible to find inspiration unless you go looking for it. Whilst in Paris, we found ourselves surrounded by beautiful objects, patterns and colour. Here are some of the things that caught our eye while we were away...

Beating the January Blues


If the January blues and the mean reds of winter are hitting you hard, we have you covered.

Five books I want to read in 2017

Save me the last waltz / Great Gatsby Scarf by Karen Mabon

This year, it's a New Year's resolution of ours to make more time to read. The Kindle is a wonderful invention but doesn't quite replace the smell of a beautiful book. We are starting the year with a list of five books that we are desperate to read, including artists, flappers and suspicious housewives.

Once Upon a Time...

Hansel & Gretel Scottish Ballet

The holidays a' coming! And to celebrate a wonderful year, the Karen Mabon team went to see Hansel & Gretel by the Scottish Ballet.