Care Guide


Each print we create is only available for a limited time so we want to help make sure you have it looking as fresh as possible for as long as possible. We highly recommend following our care guide to reduce wear & tear so your items will stand the test of time. 


Our silk pyjamas are made from a Mulberry Silk (93%) and elastane (7%) blend and our silk scarves are 100% Silk.  Although silk is a high quality and durable fabric it requires a little care to maintain it. 


If you want to give your silk item a thorough clean we recommend dry cleaning with an eco-friendly dry cleaners.  You can steam your items between wears for a quick refresh or spot wash with a gentle silk specific hand wash detergent. 

Please note that machine washing can severely compromise the integrity of the fabric. Submerging our silk scarves in water can cause discolouration and the dyes to run.


Silk is best stored folded in either acid-free tissue or cotton bags (an old pillowcase for example) to protect it from damp and moths. The gift boxes your items arrive in are perfect for easy storage. 

Cotton & Recycled Polyester

Our cotton is 100% GoTs Certified Organic and our charmeuse is made from recycled polyester.  These items are machine washable on 30°C or below with a gentle detergent. We always recommend line drying, do not tumble dry. Give your pyjamas a good shake before hanging to reduce the amount of wrinkles once dried. If you like the extra crisp look we recommend ironing on the reverse. 


Our swimwear is machine washable at 30 degrees or cooler. Make sure to always line dry. To help prolong the life of your swimwear we recommend that machine washing is periodical. After each use, soak your swimsuit in clean, cold water and rinse out any chlorine or freshwater residue. Gently squeeze out excess water and line dry.