Having an ethical and sustainable brand is extremely important to us and every day it informs how we grow and the decisions we make. We understand that there is a huge contradiction in our current fashion industry, with its two main pillars being newness and sustainability. While we are by no means a perfect brand, we take the standpoint that by making limited quantities of pieces that are made to last and withstand changing trends, we are able to go beyond the traditional seasonal fashion model and encourage our customers to buy less, but better.
The first of our main two textiles used is cotton. The cotton used in our sleepwear is now made with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard for Social and Ecological) certified 100% organic cotton. This ensures that our fabrics are created in a considerate way.
 Unlike non-organic cotton, no pesticides are used in the process of the textile creation -- preventing air, soil and water contamination. GOTS certified cotton also ensures consideration for water usage, generally depending more on rain instead of irrigation to support the plants. We will continue to sell any non-organic products that we currently have in stock, but any future replenishments of these styles will be in GOTS certified cotton, please refer to the product description for specific item details.
Our other primary fabric is silk. In our sleepwear and scarves, mulberry silk is used. Mulberry silk comes from silkworms who eat mulberry leaves, creating a natural textile with durability and the ability to fully degrade when returned to the environment. This ensures no fabric waste. However, our sleepwear is blended with 3% elastane to prevent tears due to the fragility of pure silk and improves comfort. This removes the fabrics ability to fully biodegrade, so we are looking for a better alternative to this fabric.
Our Silk Scarves are made in Italy and are certified, which recognises and safeguards the quality of Italian silk products. provides the highest guarantees on the following:
  • The production process is in accordance with the principles of quality, environment, health and safety, sustainability, social responsibility and chemical risk management.
  • The textile product, both for technological and performance properties and eco toxicological properties.
  • The chemical / formulation / dye for eco toxicological properties
All pyjamas available at international stockists in Polyester will now be made from Recycled Polyester.
Our packaging additionally is made to be completely recyclable, from cardboard boxes, paper mailers and compostable tissue paper. Our gift boxes are designed to store your products carefully, or can also be reused in the home as keepsake boxes for trinkets.
We work with suppliers in Italy and China. All the suppliers we work with have the required compliance certificates and uphold extremely high standards. We conduct yearly audits through Amfori BSCI.