Behind the Print: Birds of a Feather

Take a trip into Karen Mabon paradise with the new Birds of a Feather print, featuring tropical birds straight from the jungle… and straight from Karen’s own imagination.
Whilst drawing inspiration for her new collection, Karen admired her parrot print and reminisced on her love for drawing birds-- taking in all the colours and textures that differ between each unique kind. 
Karen’s love for drawing birds began during her time living in Edinburgh. A particular instance she remembers was passing a parrot each day at her local florist. She admired the parrots' unique shade of green-- and it’s Glaswegian accent-- as it contrasted against the bold and colourful flowers. She took this contrast when designing birds of a feather, bringing the colours of the flowers into tropical birds found in many of her favourite David Attenborough documentaries.
Each bird is intricately detailed, including fluffy tail feathers and colourful crests in Karen’s bright palette. Karen was also able to include birds designed in her own imagination, bringing them to life by hand-drawing them in her print. Take note of heart shaped tail feathers.
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