Behind the Print: Chef's Table

What’s cooking good looking?  The Chef’s Table print is an all-you-can-eat illustration with hand-drawn fresh ingredients directly from the local farmers market.
Karen drew inspiration for this print from the ‘self-soothing’ qualities of cooking a meal. During the lockdown, we all explored different hobbies and talents to find ways to occupy time and find a bit of calm amidst the chaos. For Karen, this included cooking new meals and pairing different ingredients together to make them work together as a whole. This marriage of items created the Chef's Table Print, featuring pastas, seafood, cheeses and vegetables to pick and discover a unique dish of your choice (or in the case of Karen Mabon, spice up your wardrobe).
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Chef's Table Cotton Pyjamas - £125

Chef's Table Silk Scarf - £120

Chef's Table Sun Hat - £49



Chef's Table Pyjamas at Anthropologie EU - £120

Chef's Table Pyjamas at Anthropologie USA - $150


Chef's Table Pyjamas - $133