Behind the Print: Fashion Dogs

Karen always tries to bring a sense of playfulness to her illustrations, allowing her designs to be new and fun every season. Fashion Dogs is the perfect example-- blending humor and art together. The print features different breeds of the most stylish dogs in the industry, including posh pink poodles and dapper Dalmatians all ready for their chance in the spotlight. Sister print to Fashion Cats, multiple kinds of dogs can be seen donning the most vibrant and eccentric fashions. 
Inspired by fun, Karen created this print in the hope that it would bring a smile to the face of every dog-lover. Additionally, the print conveys the message of just doing whatever you want. There is no such thing as overdressed or too much, as long as it makes you happy. So throw on your boldest pair of sunglasses and a show-stopping sweater-- who is gonna stop you? 
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Fashion Dogs Short Pyjamas at Anthropologie EU - £120

Fashion Dogs Silk Scarf at Anthropologie EU - £55


Fashion Dogs Silk Scarf in Raspberry - 145