Behind the Prints: Still Life

Still life’s have served as a fascination and inspiration for artists. For Karen, her particular fascination comes from its domestic status, bringing together a menagerie of objects to create a scene that reveals a lot about an individual, giving glimpses into their daily lives and characteristics. One of Karen’s favourite artists is Mary Fedden, who paints still life compositions by mixing pattern and colour in unique ways. The art has always felt intimate, giving an insight to where someone was in a moment of their life and how so much can be conveyed though paint and scenes of a stationary object.


Outside of the psychology, Karen has had a long love for flowers that has continued to bloom though being a homeowner, and a gardener in training. A hangover of her lockdown routine is bringing fresh flowers home and making arrangements out of them, pulling out her nicest vases or a collection of her favourite crockery. Within your own home you are limited to what you can own and fit, but with painting and drawing that can expand beyond to create any arrangement or scene that you desire—the sky is the limit. It was a basic source of simplicity and routine that brought her so much joy, which she wanted to bring across while designing the new print. 


After creating the final design, Karen loved its mid-century nostalgia and wanted to further emphasise this by adding a striped print mix to the print collection. Striped in the shades of raspberry mousse, it adds a sense of playfulness and fun as though you just took a trip to a classic circus. The print can be found on an array of sleepwear, accessories and a new bias-cut silk slip dress.