Earlier this year, I was invited by one of my favourite brands, Anthropologie, to design a scarf for their Autumn/Winter drop. It was such an exciting commission and I loved working on the project, so thought I’d record the design process to share with you.

* The design process began with initial meetings at Anthropologie HQ, which was even more dreamy than I had imagined. The accessories team showed me their mood boards and chatted through the rich and varied inspiration behind the story, ranging from folk art to Moroccan tiles to Victorian wallpaper.

*Back in the studio, I digested my notes and did some further research of my own, before coming up with some designs in pencil and watercolour which were sent back to Anthropologie.

After receiving the go-ahead, I went on to work up the colour study and produced a finished artwork, to scale. (around 70cm x 180cm)

Anthropologie were happy with the design, which was then put into production and given a title – ‘Orchard Harvest’.


The finished scarves are now available online, and in Anthropologie stores across the UK. Here they are in the Edinburgh branch!