The hand-painted walls and intricate Rococo decoration of the Waldorf Astoria hotel provided a serene setting for the preview of Sleep by Karen Mabon. Guests were led into a room filled with a quiet soundtrack and were given dainty glasses of bubbles and bubblegum pink Karen Mabon tote bags.

In the centre of the room, a model wearing a set of silk pyjamas illustrated with ferns, fawns and delicate flowers, sat quietly reading a book titled 'Birds of The World'. She wasn't disturbed by guests entering the room because she was lost in her own world, imagining life as a wren.

Time passed slowly and dreamily, while guests previewed the Karen Mabon AW16 scarf collection, trying on their favourites amongst the cashmeres and silks. Almost unnoticeably, the model left the room and was replaced by two others. One model stepped behind the screen, wearing a lilac camisole top and silk shorts dotted with sleeping ladies. She opened a great wide blue umbrella with pink flamingos that seemed to wander in circles around the needle end. Guests circled the stage like pink flamingoes, watching carefully as the other model dressed head to toe in fried breakfasts made minute movements. 

With each new model a new set of pyjamas were presented, with girls dancing to Elvis across the patch pocket of a black silk shirt while cats wearing fancy dress hopped around the elbows and ankles of a pink sleep set. The Sleep Salon came to a close, as guests left for home, contemplating their favourite pairs of Karen Mabon pyjamas as they fell into their beds.