The Strategist: 10 Very Best Silk Pajamas for Women

We are so honoured to have been featured in the Strategist's edit of the 10 Very Best Silk Pajamas for Women. Based on a scale of Size Range, Material, Design Details and Price, our Botanical Gardens pyjama set was given the prize of 'Best Printed Silk Pyjamas,' thanks to commentary by Lucia Litman (content creator), Chloe Anello (writer) and Cora Harrington (sleepwear expert).The article, written by Ambar Pardilla, said the following about our pyjamas: 


"London-based designer Karen Mabon is expensive but well worth it, as several of our experts name-checked the brand. It’s known for playful patterns such as this not-too-twee botanical design. Content creator Lucy Litman describes its pajamas as “chic enough to roll out of bed and look like you put in maximum effort.” Former Strategist writer Chloe Anello (who was, full disclosure, gifted a pair) seconds this, saying that since the one-of-a-kind prints can be worn outside the house, the price tag is more justifiable. This set is made from mulberry silk and elastane, which gives the pair a little extra stretch. Harrington also praises the brand for its size inclusivity, a rarity in the silk-sleepwear market." (Pardilla, 2022)



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