Behind the Print: Zodiac

The sun, moon and stars have served as a fascination point of Karen's for some time. Growing up in Scotland's Black Isle, this print was created while reminiscing on evenings watching clear skies filled with stars -- something a city life in London seldom offers. In combination with her passion for astrology (a trait from her Leo status), the Zodiac print was created as an ode to the stars. 
This is not the first time Karen has taken inspiration from the sky. This design uses a motif for each constellation-- a ram for Aries, a bull for Taurus, celestial twins for Gemini, a crab for Cancer, a lion for Leo, the Venus for Virgo, balanced scales for Libra, a scorpion for Scorpio, a centaur for Sagittarius, a goat for Capricorn, mermaid for Aquarius and a fish for Pisces. 
Featuring re-imagined motifs of the twelve zodiac signs in Mabon’s signature bright palette, new life is brought into a concept that has been around for years. The print collection features a silk robe, a silk slip dress, two scarves as well as two organic cotton pyjama sets, available in navy or in moss with a special star and moon contrast trim. 



Zodiac Organic Cotton Pyjama Set | Navy - £170


Zodiac Organic Cotton Pyjama Set | Moss - £175


Zodiac Silk Slip Dress - £225


Zodiac Organic Cotton Sleep Dress - £125


Zodiac Silk Robe - £295


Zodiac Sleep Mask - £49


Zodiac Silk Scarf | Moss - £95


Zodiac Silk Scarf | Navy - £120


Zodiac Cashmere Blend Scarf | Navy - £145