Behind the Prints: Breakfast

Karen has been frying up the breakfast print for a long time, with breakfast symbolising the sunny start to a new day, as well as the location where sleepwear and fashion collide. One of Karen’s favourite things to draw is food, and being able to arrange a buffet of her personal favourites reimagined in her stylistic imagery creates a world of items for people to discover. Her other favourite things include sleeping in on the weekend, reading the paper and having breakfast in bed. Or, a lazy Sunday hosting friends for a boozy brunch—which now can only be completed with matching breakfast pyjamas.


Starting her label after a few years designing on the high street, she wanted to create a brand that avoided one of her biggest frustrations: how quickly the trends of fashion move in and out, leaving no time to explore designs properly and draw them to the level of detail she wanted. Being at the helm of her own ship, she was able to finally create these detailed prints on large 90x90 scales, and takes great care to fill each gap and give her designs a level of involvement that no other brand can match. One of her favourite things to do when drawing is adding tiny jokes and easter eggs for the customer to discover, whether its tiny little bits of cereal scattered around or the rogue knickknack, humour is always laced within the print. She hopes that whoever buys the pyjamas will be taken on a journey starting from “oh breakfast food, how cute” to a magnified look into the small artistic details that offer something new to look at every-time.


This print aims to have that kind of involvement, creating a buffet of the best breakfast foods that we have only dreamed on. Themed pyjamas make life more fun, and since she wanted a pair of breakfast pyjamas for herself, she hopes that others will take joy in the art and share her experiences.