Behind the Print: Leopards Can't Change Their Spots

It comes as no surprise that metaphors serve as an inspiration to Karen, giving the opportunity to make her own playful take on an idiom. In the case of Leopards Can’t Change Their Spots, Karen takes the stance that this isn’t true and that leopards in fact can change their spots through their style.


Karen loves fashion and how ephemeral it is—how an outfit can become iconic and memorable for years to come. She loves taking this iconography and putting it into her own designs. With this print in particular, she enjoyed mixing patterns to create some unique and wild outfits for the leopards, while sneaking in some designs that you may have seen down the red carpet before.


Fashion gives the ability to show different elements of your personality through the medium of clothes, and Karen loved that she could give each leopard a unique identity and show who they are on the inside by giving them their own unique sense of style. Make sure you take a close look at each one to find fashion iconography easter eggs—can you recognize all the outfits and designers?