We’re busy developing some new products and prints and getting ready for another hectic season. But for now, I want to share a couple of my favourite recent collaborations with you. First up, Karen Mabon X Not Another Bill.

For those of you who haven’t heard of it before, Not Another Bill is essentially everything I dreamed of as a child; an online mystery gift subscription service. Every month, a surprise gift plops on to the doormat of lucky recipients. Kind of like a snail mail version of a Kinder Egg but instead of a crappy, disappointing, plastic toy that will inevitably be binned within the hour, Not Another Bill presents are beautifully crafted, tailored to the interests of the giftee and designed to be treasured forever. And instead of being encased in cheap chocolate which burns as you swallow, Not Another Bill presents are immaculately wrapped in luxurious boxes, ribbons and containing a personalised letter. And instead of discovering plastic isn’t as robust as you once though, you’ll discover a world of new artists, brands and designers. Enough said really.

Not Another Bill have collaborated with some of my favourite brands, including Penhaligons, Tatty Devine and Crispin Finn – so I was delighted when Ned got in touch to suggest a NAB X KAREN MABON scarf.

Inspired by all things mail, we came up with the theme of ‘Pigeon Post’. Ned and the NAB team worked closely with me on the finished scarf, selecting fabrics, images and harmonious colours to ensure that we would create something not only fun and detailed, but also wearable.



Like the scarf, but not a subscriber? There are still some left to buy online for £32 from the Not Another Bill shop !

Don’t like the scarf, but want to subscribe? Prices start from £19 per month at